Tips For A Great Body – Supplements For Bodybuilding

Heavy Weight-Body BuildingWhen putting in hard, high intensity days in the gym, a very common sight is some gargantuan gentleman tossing back a frothy shake of something no one can guess. Although it doesn’t look tasty, it’s got to do something right because workout shakes are typically in the hands of the biggest guys. Supplements for bodybuilding are a very beneficial tool for fueling muscle growth because they provide measurable amounts of the specific ingredients needed to boost gains, while cutting out unnecessary fats. Considering how much the biggest muscle builders need specific hormones and amino acids to keep building, supplementing can actually be a cheaper and more effective means by which to keep taking in needed building blocks for bulking.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the best absorbed forms of protein, making it a very hot commodity for serious body builders. It is highly useful directly after a workout because it quickly goes to the muscles and provides strong anabolic effects within minutes, absorbing best when the muscles are worked and need the protein most. It is also beneficial to take first thing in the morning to help offset the fasting state the body goes through the night before while sleeping. First thing in the morning and immediately after working out, whey protein is one of the most needed ingredients for healthy muscles.

Branch Chain Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks for proteins. Essential amino acids have to be taken in by foods mainly, but the 3 amino acids in branch chain amino acids (Isoleucine, leucine and valine) are the only 3 that are metabolized by the muscles. That property is what makes branch chain amino acids so important to healthy muscles. They benefit recuperation, speeding up the healing of muscles during resting periods, as well as help to benefit muscle density because they are building blocks for the proteins the muscles need most.


Another amino acid, L-glutamine is also important for recovery and muscle maintenance. Often stored in muscle fibers, L-glutamine aids in ensuring that muscle fiber is not lost during heavy workouts. Since other tissues in the body also use L-glutamine, it is important to take this conditionally essential amino acid. If not supplemented, the stores of L-glutamine may be taken from muscle tissue, taking away gains during heavy workout and stressful activity. Keeping intake of L-glutamine keeps other tissues from taking it from muscles, maintaining its benefits body-wide.


Creatine benefits the user in two ways. It helps to hydrate the muscles, allowing for more growth and mass, firstly. Secondly, it increases muscle energy, allowing the user to work out harder. More energy to work out hard means more gains because of well-hydrated muscles. Although creatine is not as necessary as amino acids and proteins, it is no less beneficial. Creatine, like the other supplements mentioned, helps to form a solid shake for healthy, massive muscles.

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the main reasons a well-balanced diet contains fish, like salmon. Because of pollution and purity issues, omega-3 fish oil supplements are a great benefit, providing the right ratio of omega-3 fatty acids, while keeping purity and concentration high. Omega-3 aids in blood circulation, helping protein and carbohydrates reach the muscles to keep a healthy body getting stronger. Although it comes last, Omega-3 is just as important as any of the other supplements, and should be included for an all-around better bill of muscle health.

With all of these supplements for bodybuilding in constant supply, muscle growth and strength will continue to show gains, so long as the work and rest are put in too.

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