My Anabolic Cooking Review For Bodybuilders And Others

Anabolic Cooking ReviewFor most people, mealtime is simply that – the time we sit at the table (or restaurant) and take in whatever meal we’ve made or bought. And, rarely do we get excited about it, especially if we’re busy during the day, and just have to plop some food on the table.

For those of us reading this review into working out and/or bodybuilding – whether we want to compete or just feel better about our physiques, mealtime can be a bit of a drag. And a drain. And BORING. Yup. Another chicken breast. Or, Yup. Some more egg whites. Yummy yummy. NOT! Hence the importance of Anabolic Cooking!

And then, for most people – not everyone, but most – not a lot of thought goes into the value of that food, that is, how much protein is in the meal, how much fat, sugars, and net carbs are in the meal.

Now, for people who are working to build up muscle to get ripped, and, as I said whether for their own self esteem or to compete in bodybuilding competitions, food and mealtimes is different. Or, it should be different.

To be sure, bodybuilders have different nutritional needs than others, because in order to build muscle the way bodybuilders do, you need to feed yourself with more protein and fewer refined carbs than you would find in the Standard American Diet (SAD). And, truth be told, the SAD sucks anyway. You know it, I know it, and everyone standing at the counter of Mickey-D’s knows it. And they probably know nothing about Anabolic Cooking.

A ton of ordinary people (that is, non-bodybuilder types) struggle with their diets and the obesity epidemic that haunts this country (that being the good old USA). I know that and our Anabolic Cooking review team knows that. But, today I have to turn my head away from that issue because I want to address the food needs of the bodybuilder.

Anabolic Cooking review

More Information About Anabolic Cooking

And that brings me to this: There is a great cookbook out there called “Anabolic Cooking,” written by renowned “muscle cook” Dave Ruel. Now, since you are probably into fitness or bodybuilding I know you’re already aware that you need calories – but the right ones. You know you need lean sources of protein (yeah, I like a ribeye or prime rib too – but you know as well as I do that too much of that isn’t going to help the cause!). And that’s why so many of us just use protein powders or the ubiquitous poached or grilled chicken breast.

But, what Dave Ruel has done is take the boredom out of our mealtimes. And, he is not JUST giving us recipes for variety. He has a keen understanding of how to create healthy meals to enhance muscle-building and that also promote lean muscle mass while helping the body quickly drop the fat.


Our review team likes how he is a step-by-step kind of guy, and also includes the ever important nutritional analysis of everything in the book (e.g. how many grams of protein, carbs, and fat are in each serving). This makes it a lot easier for us to plan and track what’s going down the hatch.

The Anabolic Cooking Book

The book holds 200 recipes that he included because they checked all the boxes:

  • The recipe had to be easy to prepare,
  • it had to be delicious, and
  • it had to help promote muscle gain and fat loss.Anabolic Cooking Review - Grab your Copy Here

Pretty simple, huh? Well, you and I both know that neither of us have the time to figure this out for ourselves. Left to my own devices, I’m just going to gack down another egg white shake or something. And frankly, I’m tired of that.

But, I want to stay on the course for my own personal reasons – even though I’ll (probably) never be Mr. Olympia, nor does my wife have any interest in competing in a bikini competition (too bad for me!) – but our team found that anabolic cook has really helped us to be proactive in meal planning, and now we know we’re eating correctly.

The Author Of Anabolic Cooking

Dave Ruel of Anabolic Cooking even gives us the meal plans, so really, the guesswork is GONE. This saves a boatload of time. And your kids will like the food too (I’m guessing probably more than the broccoli and chicken breasts).

One more thing – even if you aren’t a bodybuilder, you have nothing to lose by eating for lean muscle gain and excess fat loss. Right?

So hopefully you enjoyed out Anabolic Cooking review by, and if what he says makes as much sense to you as it does for me, then: buy the book here. You’ll get it via an instant download. Bon appetite! Hopefully our review helps you decide if this is the right product for you!

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